Warranty computers and cell phones repair

Warranty computers and cell phones repair

In any case, however, you must first contact the warranty service center if a malfunction appears on your smartphone (provided that you have a warranty card and it is correctly filled in).
Tell the receiving master in detail what happened to your phone and fill in the work order, while ensuring that all your comments were recorded there. It is also worth insisting that the master make the initial opening of the phone in your presence, so that both you and he are convinced that there is no corrosion inside the smartphone or any other damage.

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Try to observe the warranty obligations yourself, because the guarantee may be invalidated. This happens in the following cases:

– if the serial number of the smartphone does not match the number that is specified in the warranty card
– if there is no store seal on your warranty card, and your signature and the seller’s signature
– if you lost your warranty card
– if you opened the phone yourself or violated the integrity of the seals
– if you used the phone together with other components or accessories, the use of which is not coordinated with the manufacturer (for example, used a charger from a smartphone of another model or manufacturer)
– if there are signs of mechanical damage on your device, or you did not follow the rules for using the phone
– if your phone is damaged as a result of a natural disaster, flood, fire, etc.

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Minor defects can occur at any computer manufacturer.

At a meeting with the director of one service center, he told me that there are standards for the number of detected problems for each batch of mobile phones. Usually, as a rule, due to the fault of the manufacturing plant, malfunctions occur in 0.3% of cases for each batch. It is considered unacceptable when this figure rises to 0.9-1%. This is a large percentage of faults and such phones require a more thorough pre-sale check.

Marriage or factory phone malfunction consists of two components – incorrect operation of the power supply elements, or manufacturing defects of the manufacturing plant itself. As for the battery, on average, its service life is 1.5-2 years, after which it begins to lose capacity and it is better to replace it. To produce batteries for manufacturers is very profitable, because It is a consumable item. During the operation of the phone, the owner changes 3-4 batteries, so it is very profitable for manufacturers.

Computer repair in Cincinnati. Popular services

There are some popular Computer repair services in Cincinnati:

Computer diagnostics at home;
Repair or replacement of the power supply at home;
Repair or replacement of computer components;
Works on repairing computers of any complexity;
Recovery of lost information;
Build a computer from the components;
Advice on computer repair;
Cleaning your computer from dust;
And much more…

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Does it slow down the computer? Does it turn on slowly, does it load for a long time?
Problems with the slow work of the computer can have a lot of different reasons, which it is often not possible to identify a simple user.
The main sources of such “brakes” in terms of prevalence are:

Hard drive problems
Problems with the operating system, most often due to the effects of viruses or malicious adware
Worn batteries in the components of the system unit, for example, electrolytic capacitors
Overheating of the main components of the computer, such as a processor or power supply
Few free space on the system hard disk partition
Shortage of RAM
We do not set the cost per hour. All rendered repairs are paid at established prices and only if the final result is achieved.

Thermaltake case If for some reason the repair of the computer is not properly performed, then the client has the right not to pay for such services.

Computer diagnostics is a complete service, in which the end result is to identify the causes of your computer malfunction. Diagnostics is carried out free of charge in case of consent to the subsequent repair of the problems found. If the client refuses to work, then the diagnosis is paid in accordance with the established pricing policy of the workshop, which currently amounts to 15$.

If you do not find the information you need about the necessary work and faults, then simply contact us with any of the methods provided to you.